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Corporate Wellness and Wellbeing

People, unarguably are the key to the success of high performing teams and companies. Elite level sports teams and Elite military services from around the world have always known the critical ingredients for top performing teams. Such organisations invest vast amounts of time, money, research and effort recruiting, selecting, training and retaining only the best. Once employed, there is an on-going and ever-evolving process, often referred to as Human Performance. This, enables these organisations to get the very best from individuals, and teams. In essence, Human Performance looks to identify, remove and mitigate barriers to maximising overall performance. Many elite athletes and elite military services have a less well-known support network behind them and which is integral to overall success. Human Performance also looks to increase the career duration of such, elite personnel and in effect gain a higher return on investment. Hence, it is no surprise that many of the top performing companies have implemented a similar concept in the form Corporate Wellness programmes.

Corporate Wellness programmes and Human Performance look to achieve similar outcomes, though in different contexts. Companies operating in the UK also have to comply with the 'Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974' and the employers common law "duty of care" to employees. The Health, Safety, and Wellbeing of employees, relates not only just to physical harm, but also psychological injury too. As a result, Corporate Wellness programmes should look at mechanism’s to help prevent damage in the first place and provide a rehabilitative process should such an event occur. As with Human Performance, Corporate Wellness programmes look to remove factors that hamper individual and team performance. Such factors could be physical or mental stress, Musculoskeletal (MSK) aches, and pains, psychological (workplace bullying) or any number of other factors. Each of these variables or any combination thereof can have a detrimental impact on performance and result in stress to the body, which longer term can lead to serious health issues. Further details on the way the human body deals with stress can be accessed here.

There has been a great deal of research over the past few decades concerning wellbeing at work and the close links to welfare and life in general. Studies have shown links between negative employee wellbeing and:-

  • Reduced productivity.
  • Increased sickness and absenteeism.
  • Increased mistakes and errors.
  • Increased labour turnover (staff turnover).
  • Increased disciplinary and grievance incidents.
  • Lower quality of customer service.
  • Lower morale and a more negative company atmosphere.
  • Increased internal conflicts.
  • Unhappy workers tend to be less healthy in general.

All of the factors associated with adverse employee, wellbeing, have a direct impact on overall company performance. Furthermore, astute employee’s are now seeking out companies who offer Corporate Wellness programmes and not just the bulk standard gym membership and private medical insurance. Corporate Wellness does not have to be expensive and can cost as little as making a room available on site. Depending on the company size and budget, a standard office room could be set up as a day clinic once a week, bi-weekly or monthly according to demand. Alternatively, large campus type businesses may choose to set up a dedicated clinic room for employee health and wellbeing purposes. Companies then have a choice as to whether or not to subsidise employee treatment costs, as part of company health, safety, and wellbeing policy. There are many advantages to having a professionally run Primary Care Practitioner Pop-Up clinic on-site or campus:-

  • Excellent return on investment, due to low cost to the organisation.
  • Regulated and Registered Practitioner(s) on site.
  • Less stress due to employees not being required to travel off-site for treatment.
  • Highly trained and qualified Practitioner(s).
  • Customised Education and Advice on prevention as standard.
  • Training, knowledge and experience in multiple treatment techniques.
  • Evidence-Based Practice.
  • Professional Referral Network, Nutritional, Psychological, Physical.

Corporate Wellness is far more than work-related posture. In actual, fact there is very little to no evidence that there is any such thing as a "Gold Standard" correct posture. As with most things, too much of any one thing can have a detrimental effect on health, and wellbeing. To much load to the Musculoskeletal (MSK) System frequently leads to problems and many jobs require a high degree of computer work. In essence, moderation is the key. Furthermore, employees also have other hobbies or interests outside of work and in their day to day life. Activities, performed outside of work can have a knock-on effect on performance at work, and there can even be Work-related Health and Safety implications. If an injury sustained outside of the workplace is made worse through work activities, then this can result in Work-related Health and Safety claims. Having a Primary Care health practitioner on-site can help in a preventive way, and many ways provide early intervention system. Our practitioners also work in a BioPsychoSocial model. As a result, all initial consultations cover current and historical aspects of Biological, Psychological and Social factors. This enables the practitioner to identify and provide the most appropriate form of intervention for the patient/employee. In some cases, this may mean a referral to another discipline such as a General Practitioner, Counsellor or other appropriate and suitably qualified professional.

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