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COVID-19 virus is a highly infectious and adaptive disease, and the consequences of exposure to the virus can vary from mild symptoms to severe and fatal. The safest way to avoid being exposed to the virus is by following Health Authority and Government advice on social distancing. Unfortunately, the combined effect of misinformation on social media and politics in some cases has not helped matters. Hence, it is best to get information from multiple reputable sources such as health authorities, World Wide Health (WHO) etc. and not information posted on social media. The Covid situation has global effects, so there is the opportunity to see what strategies are in use elsewhere and how well they are working. Such comparisons can help one avoid some of the misinformation out there, especially when comparing reputable sources.

Staying at home and social distancing reduces the risks associated with catching the various variants, as there is less interaction between people and thus less chance of viral exposure. Musculoskeletal - MSK and soft-tissue techniques are a form of hands-on therapy and present a possible risk of viral exposure between patient and practitioner. Strategies to minimise the chances of infection exposure to patients and practitioners during treatment; include following health authority, government and professional registration(s) guidance on infection control, hand washing, cleaning, disinfecting and limiting exposure time. Consumers must also go through a pre-screening questionnaire process, which provides a further layer of risk management for patients and practitioners. Infection and hygiene control has always been of paramount importance. Anything that comes into contact with a patient during treatment is cleaned/disinfected or of a single-use disposable nature.

It is essential to understand that any face-to-face or hands-on treatment involves the risk of COVID-19 infection, regardless of the precautions taken. Again, the best strategy at present is to social distance and avoid interactions with other people. It is vitally important that patients make informed decisions and understand the potential COVID-19 infection risks and the measures taken to limit risks. Consumers should only consider treatment if they are comfortable with the safety precautions put in place to help reduce risks. Currently, the easiest way to make a booking is via phone, text or email.

Home Survival Pack Articles - COVID-19 Lockdown

The purpose of these articles is to help existing patients and members of the public adapt and “survive” to the challenges presented by the Coronavirus (covid-19) situation and lockdowns, while authorities and health professionals manage the pandemic. The following articles were written by the founder of TotalMSK and draw upon his training and experiences serving with elite British military forces. The articles also utilise knowledge from his education and training, covering physical and mental wellbeing. Although, the "stress" related articles were written before the Coronavirus (covid-19) situation, the information and principles equally apply to what people may be feeling and what they can do about it. Further relevant articles are also in the works and in the meantime, stay safe.

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