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Myotherapy, as performed by myotherapists, is a hands-on method of assessment and treatment. The therapy uses a wide variety of soft-tissue therapy techniques with origins from allied health-related disciplines. Unfortunately and possibly through ignorance, some Myotherapists refer to themselves as providing "physical therapy". However, the terms "Physical Therapy", "Physiotherapist", and "Physiotherapy" are protected titles. Such protected titles have existed in many countries and for decades in most cases.

The name Myotherapy originates from the Latin word "Myo", meaning muscle and therapy. Besides sports injuries and general aches and pains that remedial massage therapists may treat, myotherapists can treat a wider variety of muscle and joint-related pain conditions. The principal Myotherapy practitioner in Brisbane, Terry has always worked collaboratively with patients providing hands-on treatment and recovery. Myotherapists will often see patients with Chronic pain originating from dysfunctional myofascial tissues and or restricted joint mobility. However, pain that has become chronic frequently requires a multi-modal approach as the body can affect the mind and vice versa. The articles on the human stress response explains some of the physiological and psychological links in a little more detail.

Myotherapist training and Education

Myotherapy educational standards Brisbane

Training and education to qualify as a myotherapist are typically either at Advanced Diploma or undergraduate degree level and a higher level than a massage therapist. The additional myotherapists training and knowledge widens their scope of practice or the variety of the type of conditions they treat. Having taught as a senior course coach on one of the first myotherapy courses in Brisbane, our principal practitioner has a detailed understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of the profession. The level of training and knowledge is not that of a primary care practitioner (a regulated healthcare professional), though still very substantial. Equally, only registered primary care practitioners can provide a diagnosis. The exact course content can vary slightly between training providers, and some courses may include kinesiology taping. Practitioners holding professional association membership status also must meet additional yearly continuing professional education (CPE/CPD) training requirements. Hence, the exact knowledge and experience a Myotherapist may have can vary somewhat beyond the base qualification.

Techniques used by Myotherapists

Myofascial Dry Needling (DN)

Myotherapy training builds on the knowledge gained at cert IV level massage and diploma level remedial massage therapy. Myotherapists typically learn additional skills, including prescriptive exercise, dry needling (DN), limited joint mobilisation techniques (not manipulation), cupping, myofascial release (MFR) and a variety of other assessing and treatment modalities.

Massage and Myotherapy Registrations

Patient's can be safe knowing that all of our therapist's hold relevant professional registrations and or memberships. Our principal practitioner Terry Davis has held professional registrations and memberships in the UK and Australia during the fifteen years, plus he has worked in the Musculoskeletal (MSK) / Myotherapy field. He currently holds Remedial Massage therapy registration with Massage and Myotherapy Australia, meaning that HICAPS rebates are accessible where applicable. Terry also taught as a senior course coach on one of the first Advanced Diploma level (Myotherapy) courses in Brisbane. Besides formal qualifications, including a BTEC Level 5 in Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy, degree, masters, and numerous soft-tissue qualifications, he has completed a considerable amount of continuing professional education. He has been using and enhancing advanced Myofascial Release (MFR) techniques throughout his career.

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