Chiropractic & Remedial Massage Treatment Costs

Treatment Pricing

Treatments are based on appointment duration and not just the use of a specific technique. The musculoskeletal service currently operates in a mobile capacity, with patient's being treated in the comfort of their own home or place of work. Terry treats in and around Cambridgeshire and up to 20 miles from Cambridge city centre.

60 minute Initial consultation and treatment.


30 minute follow up treatment.


Concessionary treatment pricing is available for follow-up appointments to students, serving and ex-serving British Military Personnel. Young athlete's may also be entitled to discounted treatment, as Terry is signed up to the Sports Massage Association's (SMA's) Road2Success Athlete Sponsorship Programme. This is designed to help unfunded/unsponsored Athletes who are training for Olympic type events.

Treatments typically involve a number of different techniques, as some techniques are good for structural issues and others are better suited to soft tissues. It is quite common to find structural changes and soft tissue changes, as one often leads to the other and vice versa. Treatments are individually tailored and only techniques that you the patient are comfortable with are used, as treatments are about you. Treatments can typically involve the use of multiple techniques, including McTimoney Chiropractic adjustive work, advanced remedial massage techniques and where indicated dry needling, Gua Sha or IASTM. The use of multiple techniques often means that the majority of follow up treatments only need to be 30 minutes in duration, though 60 minute appointments can be accommodated if necessary. On average Terry has found that the majority of patient's only need between three to five treatments and then occasional maintenance treatments. The three to five treatments includes the initial consultation, though some patient's have only required one treatment. The number of treatments needed can depend on a number of factors, as can the frequency of any maintenance treatment:-

  • Injury History
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Chronicity of Condition(s)
  • Following aftercare advice
  • Other relevant conditions
  • Diet and lifestyle

Hence, maintenance treatment frequency can vary from anything from 4-6 weeks or a few months. The combination of techniques used at TotalMSK Musculoskeletal and Chiropractic (Cambridge) tends to result in better patient outcomes and a quicker symptom resolution. This in turn saves you the patient money, as often less treatments are needed. Unlike some "subluxation" or "wellness" based clinics, Terry does not sell vitamin supplements, run weekly patient health seminars or ask patient's to sign up to bulk or discounted treatment plans. Please visit the TotalMSK Musculoskeletal and Chiropractic (Cambridge) FAQ's page for further details about what to expect and more. Terry, currently operates a mobile service and treats patients at either their places of work or home. Should you have any further questions or wish to discuss whether you might benefit from treatment please contact Terry.

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