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About Us (TotalMSK and the founder)

About TotalMSK and the founderThe About Us section of the website contains additional information about how and why TotalMSK was founded. One can also find further details on the founder and his experience, training, interests and how these naturally led to the formation of the company. There are also additional details about the organisation in general.

Bookings, Enquiries and MSK therapy treatment costs

TotalMSK MSK Therapy Bookings and EnquiriesFor further details on bookings, enquiries or costs of the Private Consumer MSK therapy services offered by TotalMSK are available here... Bookings, Enquiries and MSK therapy treatment costs

Clinic Postal Address

MSK Therapy Brisbane Clinic Postal AddressOccasionally, one may wish to contact TotalMSK via mail and the MSK therapy Morningside, Brisbane Clinic Postal Address, and this section of the website contains details of the companies postal address.

Clinic Areas Coverage Morningside / Brisbane

TotalMSK MSK therapy based in Morningside, BrisbaneThe areas covered section of the website has details on the areas covered by the musculoskeletal and Myofascial treatment services operated by TotalMSK.

Charity / Event Work

Sports Massage and soft tissue Charity / Event Work serviceThe founder of TotalMSK likes to give back to the community where possible. The Charity and Event Work section of the website covers details about TotalMSK's voluntary charitable sports massage and soft tissue therapy work and the types of events the company can help with.

Local Club Support (Brisbane)

TotalMSK Local Club Support around the Brisbane areaThe Local Club Support section of the website covers details of how TotalMSK can help local sporting clubs (Brisbane) and individual members in a Musculoskeletal and Myofascial capacity. The section includes an initiative that the founder of TotalMSK is signed up to via the Sports Massage Association (SMA) and aimed at helping unfunded athletes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

MSK therapy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)The Frequently Asked Questions section of the website includes questions and answers for a range of commonly asked questions relating to Musculoskeletal and Myofascial treatments offered by TotalMSK. Alternatively, if one has any specific questions then please get in touch via the Bookings and Enquiries contact section.

Privacy Policy

TotalMSK MSK therapy Privacy PolicyThe Privacy Policy section of the website includes details of the types of data TotalMSK hold about consumer’s and potential consumer enquiries, who has access to the data, how long it is stored, your rights as a consumer etc.

TotalMSK sitemap

TotalMSK sitemapThe sitemap section of the website provides a tree-type structure of the TotalMSK website, making it reasonably easy to see and explore the entire website.

Massage and Myotherapy Registrations

Terry brings over 15 years of experience working in the MSK Therapy field back to Brisbane from the UK. He is highly qualified with training and experience covering many assessment methods, treatment types and soft tissue therapy (STT) skills. Terry's interests have led to him specialising in the treatment of trauma and myofascial pain relief. He also taught as a senior course coach over seven years ago on one of the first myotherapy courses in Brisbane. His skills are now available at the Morningside clinic, where he works as a Myotherapist.