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About Us (TotalMSK and the founder)

TotalMSK was born out of the founder’s unique combination of interests, training, experience and research knowledge. Cumulatively, these skills all have one thing in common relating to human performance, be it physiological or psychological.

Health and Wellbeing have a significant effect on human performance, which has been demonstrated throughout history and no more so than in armed conflict situations. There is now an ever-growing evidence base, which shows strong links between Health, Wellness and Performance. Terry, the founder of TotalMSK, has understood such relationships for over two decades. He started his first degree in Business Management Studies in the early 90’s and chose to specialise in Business Psychology. One particular area of interest became Mental Illness in the workplace, which can often lead to a workplace injury. Mental illness in the workplace is only just, as of 2017, gaining the recognition it deserves as a serious health issue. The issue not only has human costs but substantial costs to business, the NHS and the UK’s GDP.

It should be no surprise that the UK government and all political parties are now trying to address the ever-increasing problem of mental illness in the workplace. Stress, which can take many forms in today’s modern life, can have both a positive or negative impact on an individual’s productivity, physical and mental health or well-being in general. Understanding, the Human Stress response does help explain some of the effects mentioned above concerning human performance and health. Terry’s natural interests, have enabled him to gain expertise in many interrelated areas, which not only relate to physical and mental health but their serious knock-on effect on human performance.

Besides interests and training in Business Psychology, Terry has always been extremely physically active. After leaving University, he spent eight years in Britain’s elite military forces. During this time he was required to push his body and mind to the limits of physical and mental endurance. The experience gave him a full appreciation of what it takes to operate as an integral member of exceptionally high-performance teams, where decisions can make the difference between life or death.

Inevitably, pushing the body to the limits and beyond can often have consequences. Terry has certainly experienced his fair share of musculoskeletal-related injuries including running type injuries such as; ankle sprains, achilles tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis and various knee related problems. The experiences gained within the elite military environment helped Terry develop a high degree of self-awareness. Such, a level of self-awareness helps one know when things are not working as they should and usually before things break. That said self-awareness does not necessarily explain why something is not working as it should. Unfortunately, Terry found out first hand and repeatedly that some professionals were uninterested in what he, the patient had to say regarding his injury symptoms. The increased levels of self-awareness and injury history would later prove to be highly beneficial when combined with training to become a Chiropractor. Although Terry is still extremely active and enjoys distance running, hiking, kayaking, cycling and endurance type events, he wholeheartedly believes that he could have avoided some of the previous injuries he sustained.

While in the military he gained training and experience in multiple areas including medicine, health and safety. His experiences demonstrated that there is an enormous amount of truth in the expression “healthy body - healthy mind”. The skills and knowledge gained through his time in the military were further enhanced while working in the commercial and health sector in senior-level managerial roles.

In 2006, Terry decided to further his interests and medical training so spent five years studying for an Integrated Masters in Chiropractic. Before the course he was required to complete a foundation year, which included a grounding in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and a course in holistic massage. Based on his own experiences of pushing his body and mind to the limits, he could see the enormous benefits of massage and soft tissue work. He then completed further advanced training and qualifications to the highest level in many advanced soft tissue techniques.

Terry has run and owned successful Musculoskeletal / MSK practices in both the UK and Australia. While in Australia he also taught students up to and including the Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy (Musculoskeletal / MSK Therapy) and was a senior course coach. He also completed formal certification in Work, Health and Safety. The additional training formalised the knowledge and experience gained in the military and commercial sectors. The extra Work, Health and Safety training has proved invaluable concerning the legislative requirements governing physical and mental health in the workplace. Terry has also split his time between consultancy in the field of human performance, his clinical work and training for the past decade. He still regularly works as an independent consultant on human performance courses. The culmination of his experience, knowledge and training, naturally lead to the formation of TotalMSK in early 2017, and subsequently TotalMSK Ltd in mid-2018. TotalMSK works with specialist consultants from multiple sectors of industry with expertise encompassing, Musculoskeletal Health, Emotional Health and Wellbeing, Mental Health and Corporate Wellness.

Chiropractic and Massage Registrations

Patient's can be safe in the knowledge that all of our therapist's hold relevant professional registrations and or memberships. Our principal Chiropractor Terry Davis MSMA is registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) and holds additional memberships and registrations for Massage Therapy with the Complementary & Natural Health Council (CHNC) and the Sports Massage Association (SMA). He is also BTEC Level 5 Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy qualified and holds numerous other soft-tissue therapy qualifications. Furthermore, he has also taught at Advanced Diploma level (Myotherapy / Musculoskeletal Therapy) in Australia, including theory, practical and advanced Myofascial Release techniques.

Complementary & Natural Health Council (CHNC)
General Chiropractic Council (GCC)
Sports Massage Association (SMA)