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The Morningside private patient clinic offers musculoskeletal and sports injury services to Brisbane and the wider community. Treatments, rehabilitation and recovery plans are tailor-made to individual needs. The clinic uses many effective techniques to assess and treat patients.

There is also an on-site Corporate Wellness Clinic service available covering the Brisbane area. The corporate musculoskeletal and sports injury service provides clients with specialist knowledge and treatment within the workplace.

Currently, TotalMSK is not offering private patient or corporate wellness services in the UK. However, this should be changing in late 2024. Please get in touch with the clinic for further details on the Corporate Wellness and Musculoskeletal service offerings. Private patients can book appointments at the Morningside musculoskeletal clinic online or by contacting the clinic.

Massage and Myotherapy Registrations

Terry brings over 16 years of experience treating in the MSK Therapy field back to Brisbane from the UK. He is highly qualified with relevant education and training spanning from Certificate level through to higher education and a Masters. His training and experience cover many assessment methods, treatment types and soft tissue therapy (STT) skills. Besides the sixteen years of clinical experience, Terry has a further eight years of experience training and working at the highest physical performance levels within the elite British forces environment. He has a personal experience with a range of running injuries and a vast amount of professional treatment experience. He is still an avid distance runner to this day. Such knowledge has proved highly valuable in the treatment of elite-level athletes and members of the public. His ongoing sporting activities, experiences and interests have naturally led to him specialising in human performance and treating trauma and myofascial pain. He also taught as a senior course coach on the first myotherapy course in Brisbane. His skills are now available at the Morningside clinic, where he works as a Myotherapist.