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How does Soft Tissue Release (STR) work?

Soft Tissue Release (STR) is a means of assessing and releasing myofascial restrictions. The technique involves applying a soft tissue lock to dysfunctional tissues and the use of a passive or active myofascial release (MFR). Soft tissue release is often referred to as "pin and stretch" in the US. Provided there are no contraindications to treatment a well-trained practitioner can apply Soft Tissue Release (STR) to virtually any muscle they can get access too. Hence, good practitioners need to have excellent palpation skills or the ability to feel different tissues and a well-developed muscle anatomy knowledge. All muscles within the body have a start point and a finish point, which is how muscles attach from one bone to another via a tendon. The medical terminology for these points are origin and insertion, and the simplest of muscles only have (1) origin and (1) insertion point. The following image on the Left shows the Rectus Femoris muscle and the image on the Right shows the Origin (Red coloured x 2) and insertion point (Blue coloured x 1) for the muscle.

image showing Rectus Femoris origins and insertion

Images produced with kind permission of from Essential Anatomy 5

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The Latissimus Dorsi muscle has multiple origins (12) and a single insertion point (1). The image on the Left shows the Latissimus Dorsi muscle, the middle image shows the Origin (Red coloured) and image on the right shows the insertion point (Blue coloured). Other muscles may have multiple origins and insertion points.

image showing Latissimus Dorsi origins and insertion

Images produced with kind permission of from Essential Anatomy 5

(Copyright © 2018 - 2021 3D4Medical. All rights reserved.)

The Soft Tissue Release (STR) technique works by changing the origin and insertion points of muscles, before stretching the tissues. The muscles origin and insertion points are altered by the practitioner applying a “soft tissue lock” to the tissues under treatment. Once the “soft tissue lock” is applied the tissues are then stretched. In some countries, Soft Tissue Release (STR) is simply called “Pin and Stretch”, which very basically explains the technique. There are variations on how one can apply the technique and the consumer/patient can actively move the tissues under treatment, or the therapist can passively move the tissues. Tissues can also be treated in weight bearing or non-weight bearing positions and actively or passively. Soft Tissue Release (STR) is a form of Myofascial Release (MFR) Technique, though the addition of "soft tissue lock” is quite distinctly different to other such methods. A therapist with the right training, knowledge and experience can use this technique very precisely and effectively to treat dysfunctional tissues and pain.

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