Sports Massage Therapy in Cambridge (Mobile)

Mobile Sports Massage Cambridge

Sports Massage is best described as a blend of Holistic and Swedish massage techniques. Sports massage is a more advanced version of massage and includes deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage does not have to be painful and nor should it be. Some level of discomfort is normal and yet good therapists will know how to work with the body. Tissues of the body tend not to respond well to brute force, which just hurts and causes bruising. The article on self-massage and foam rolling covers more about why deep tissue massage can be painful when performed incorrectly.

Deep tissue massage techniques are usually used to improve muscle suppleness and joint flexibility. One does not have to be into sport to find sports massage beneficial. Tissues within the body can change and lose suppleness from day to day life and a sedentary lifestyle. Gravity applies forces to the body on a daily basis and the human body has to account for this. Such things as poor posture can increase the load on tissues and underlying structures.

As the name suggests, sports massage is often used to treat people engaged in sport. It is quite normal for sports people to seek treatment pre and post event. Many sports people will also seek maintenance treatments between training sessions or competitions. Pre-event sports massage is usually performed in a vigorous fashion. The aim of pre-event sports massage is to warm muscles and tissues before the event. Such massage has physiological effects and can also produce beneficial psychological effects. Athletes can gain performance benefits when sports massage is part of their normal routine. Post-event massage is somewhat different to pre-event massage and has a completely different aim. Post-event massage is usually applied in a slow and rhythmic fashion. Exercise usually creates micro-trauma to tissues, which is part of the normal tissue adaption. The aim of post-event massage is to sooth and relax tired tissue and not create more micro-trauma. Sports Massage is often used with more advanced Remedial Massage techniques.

Terry has been treating both amateur and elite level athletes for over 11 years. Athletes have included, rowers, gymnasts, triathletes, runners, ballet dancers, horse dressage competitors, cross fit competitors, swimmers, cyclists, elite serving and ex-service military personnel and many other disciplines. He has signed up to the Sports Massage Association's (SMA's) Road2Success Athlete Sponsorship Programme. This is designed to help our future Olympic Athletes, who currently lack sponsorship or funding. Therapists signed up to the programme offer special discounted treatment rates to Athlete's who meet the eligibility criteria. Please see the Sports Massage Association's (SMA's) link on the page for further details.

Whilst in Australia and as a senior course coach, Terry taught both the theoretical and practical aspects of the sports and remedial massage syllabus from Certificate too Advanced Diploma level. He also holds a number of UK and Australian sports and remedial massage qualifications. During 2012 and after completing his Chiropractic studies, he found time to complete his BTEC Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage. In his spare time Terry has volunteered and provided pre and post event sports massage in aid of various charities. Such events have included running, cycling and walking events of varying distances.

Sports Massage is commonly used to:-

  • Aid recovery (post event).
  • Improve performance.
  • Physiologically & psychologically prepare an athlete (pre-event).
  • Increase circulation.
  • Increase flexibility.
  • Increase mobility.
  • Reduce the chance of injury.

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