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TotalMSK treatment update Friday 30th June 2020

A limited private patient Musculoskeletal Chiropractic service is due to resume from Wednesday 1st July 2020. Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths are all classed as Primary Care and provide a valuable service to take additional MSK related pressure off the NHS. The MSK Chiropractic service will be operating in a mobile capacity with limited operations in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. The service will cover up to 25 miles from Reading in Berkshire.

It is essential to understand the COVID-19 virus is highly infectious, and the consequences of exposure to the virus can vary from mild symptoms through to severe and fatal. The safest way to avoid being exposed to the virus is by following Government and NHS advice on social distancing. Staying at home and social distancing reduces the risks associated with catching the virus, as there is less interaction between people and thus less chance of viral exposure. Chiropractic and soft-tissue techniques are a form of hands-on-therapy and therefore present a possible risk of viral exposure between patient and practitioner. Strategies to minimise the chances of infection exposure to patients and practitioners during treatment; include following government guidance on infection control, hand washing, cleaning and disinfecting, limiting exposure time and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), typically gloves, face masks, aprons and face shields. Patients are also required to go through a pre-screening questionnaire process, which provides a further layer of risk management for patients and practitioners.

It is essential to understand that any face-to-face or hands-on treatment involves the risk of COVID-19 infection, regardless of the precautions taken. Again, the best strategy at present is to social distance and avoid interactions with other people. It is vitally important that patients make informed decisions and understand the potential COVID-19 infection risks and the measures taken to limit risks. Patients should only consider treatment if they are comfortable with the safety precautions put in place to help reduce risks. Currently, the easiest way to make a booking is via phone, text or email.

Home Survival Pack Articles - COVID-19 Lockdown

The purpose of these articles is to help existing patients and members of the public adapt and “survive” to the challenges presented by the Coronavirus (covid-19) situation and lockdown. The following articles were written by the founder of TotalMSK and draw upon his training and experiences serving with elite British military forces. The articles also utilise knowledge from his education and training, covering physical and mental wellbeing. Although, the "stress" related articles were written before the Coronavirus (covid-19) situation, the information and principles equally apply to what people may be feeling and what they can do about it. Further relevant articles are also in the works and in the meantime, stay safe.

Coronavirus (covid-19) update Friday 20th March 2020

It is with a heavy heart that today the decision to cease all face-to-face patient-practitioner contact. The decision was tough, but unfortunately, the risks to patients and practitioners alike have become far too high, even with the measures our practitioners take. The increasing dangers are being made worse by some members of the public blatantly ignoring direction from the government and health services regarding social distancing. Hence, as MSK Chiropractors, we have a social, ethical and moral responsibility to protect our patients and practitioners. That said, we will continue to support patients via non-face-to-face means, such as telephone, email or text. However, the response may not be as fast, as usual, so please bear with us. Our practitioners are looking to support the NHS in varying capacities during this time of need. The TotalMSK Blog has many useful articles covering various topics, which may be of help during the current and unprecedented situation we all face. Additional materials are also in the works.

In the meantime, please do follow the current government and health authority advice regarding social-distancing and self-isolation. Even if you are healthy and only likely to suffer mild symptoms from the Coronavirus (coved-19), others may not fare so well when exposed to the virus. The more people that are infected, the harder it is going to be for the health and emergency services to deal with, and any of us could not life-saving treatment after an accident or similar. Please try and stay safe for yourself and others.

Coronavirus (covid-19) Statement Tuesday 17th March 2020

As providers of musculoskeletal and chiropractic services, hygiene has always been a critical aspect of our work. The control of potential infections and cross-contamination has always been carefully risk-managed. Even before the outbreak of Coronavirus (covid-19), hand hygiene has always been a crucial aspect of working with patients. Our practitioners have always cleaned their hands before and after patient contact with at least 70% proof hand sanitiser or equivalent. Practitioners also keep their fingernails short, for a combination of patient safety reasons and hygiene.

Equally, objects that come into contact with patients during treatment, receive a disinfectant treatment between each patient, such as the treatment couch, face cradle, bolsters and any other specific treatment instruments. The disinfectant wipes used have always been hospital grade and kill viruses, spores, bacteria. To date paper towel, couch covers and towels do not get used during treatments, which further reduces any risk of cross-contamination. There is also an environmental aspect of not using paper towels, couch covers and towels too, as these items can only be used once with any patient.

Historically and occasionally clean towels have been used in a modesty context and to cover the waist/leg area of clothed patients wearing skirts. One way in which the Coronavirus (covid-19) can spread is via moisture droplets from coughing or sneezing. Hence, there would even be a risk of a modesty towel which has no skin contact becoming contaminated. Hence, patients should wear suitable clothing or bring a towel during treatment, as the practitioner can then disinfect everything else, and the patient keeps the towel. Such measures not only protect patient’s but equally our practitioners. Should any patient have possible signs or symptoms of Coronavirus (covid-19), such as a fever, persistent cough, or sneezing then, please follow the Health Authorities advice of self-isolation. Anybody, with fever symptoms, has always been contradicted (should not be treated) for Musculoskeletal and Chiropractic treatment while symptoms persist.

Unfortunately, there is quite a lot of misinformation out there regarding the Coronavirus (covid-19). Although we may be living in strange and somewhat uncertain times, it is vital to keep a level head and look at the facts.

For accurate, timely and reliable information regarding the Coronavirus (covid-19) one should look to the following websites and information sources:-

Complementary & Natural Health Council (CHNC)
General Chiropractic Council (GCC)
Sports Massage Association (SMA)